Our Team

Mark Grzesiak

Mark graduated with a BBA in accounting from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1975. After graduation, he worked at Arthur Young & Co., (now Ernst & Young). He is a Certified Public Accountant.

In 1986 a Milwaukee, WI General Contracting Firm hired him as CFO; in 1988 he was named Executive Vice President. In 1999 he purchased Fenimore-Blythe, Ltd in Fort Worth, TX and is currently the Managing Partner of the firm.

Mark is married and has four children and two grandchildren. He enjoys spending time with family, golf and travel.

Alan Cook

Alan joined us in 2000 and is our Chief Estimator and Senior Project Manager. Alan has more than 40 years’ experience in Masonry construction both in the United Kingdom, where he was a Chartered Builder, and in the United States.

Alan is married, enjoys rugby, and brings his rescued dog to work each day.

Johnny Hopkins

Johnny joined Fenimore-Blythe, Ltd. in 1976 as a bricklayer. In 1981 he starting running work and continued as foreman for the next 19 years.

Following his stint as a foreman, Johnny transitioned to the office and changed roles to become our General Superintendent. Johnny is also our Safety Officer.

In 2013, Johnny became Project Manager, while still retaining his Safety Officer role.

Johnny is married with two children. He loves to golf and recently hit his first hole in one.

Julio Valladares

Julio began at Fenimore-Blythe in 1996 as a Laborer. Three years later, Julio became a bricklayer apprentice and quickly began learning the trade. As Julio continued to learn, he began taking an interest in running work, and shortly thereafter stepped into a foreman’s role. He was a foreman for six years and is currently our General Superintendent.

Julio is married with six children. He enjoys hunting and woodworking in his spare time.

David Grzesiak

David is our Assistant Project Manager. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin where he received his BS in Business Management. David has worked in transportation logistics and as a personal trainer.

He is married and enjoys football.

Barbara Palmer

Barbara is our longest tenured employee. She started on July 1, 1971 as a secretary. She knows everything there is to know when it comes to the administrative side of things and is currently our Bookkeeper.

Mother of two, and grandmother of two more, Barbara loves to travel with her friends, enjoys watching sports, and is an active member of her Baptist Church.


Elva has been employed by us since 2007 and is currently our Project Management Administrative Assistant and our Accounts Receivable Clerk.

She served four years in the Navy and is a Fort Worth native.


Rollin graduated from Texas A&M with an Architectural Construction degree. He has been in the masonry business since 1954 with 21 of those years at Fenimore-Blythe, Ltd.


Darrell Vincent, Ignacio Valencia, Jose Martinez, Tommy Porras, Randy Mills, Curtis Wade, Hector Huerta